Vintage photograph provided by member Jim Hoobler. In the RCA booth at the 1982 or 1983 NRA show. On the left is Elmer Keith (March 8, 1899 - February 14, 1984), Idaho rancher, firearms enthusiast, and author. Keith was instrumental in the development of the first magnum revolver cartridge, the .357 Magnum as well as the later the .44 Magnum and .41 Magnum cartridges. Keith authored at least 10 books and countless articles featuring all aspects of hunting and shooting.
Center is Steve Vogel (April 1941-June 1991), co-founder of RCA, VP at Sturm, Ruger & Co. and son-in-law of Bill Ruger.
Standing is Nancy Padua, secretary - treasurer and all around general manager of the RCA.

We would like to introduce a new concept to the RCA website.
We will be changing out the photos on the RCA web page on a monthly schedule.
We would like to use anything "Ruger". If you would like to provide color photos of your
favorite Ruger firearm, historic photos or memorabilia items with captions/descriptions
of them we will start changing them on the website.
If you wish to participate, please e-mail your photos to Dalia


Co-founded in 1975 by the late Stephen K. Vogel and John R. Hansen, Jr., the Ruger Collectors' Association is an independent organization of Ruger collectors, not affiliated with or sponsored by Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. The association's members are dedicated to the study and preservation of Ruger firearms and memorabilia while promoting camaraderie and fellowship among those interested in collecting and exchanging information about these firearms.

The RCA publishes a quarterly journal, known as The Ruger Collectors' Journal, and regularly displays at the NRA and other major shows. From time to time special issues of Ruger firearms have been produced for and purchased by the RCA, and offered exclusively to its members. The Ruger Collectors' Association, Inc. headquarters are in Southport, CT.

The RCA was recently featured on Tom Gresham's new Gun Talk TV. Tom and Steve Fjestad, of Blue Book fame, were at the Wanenmacher Tulsa Arms Show in November, 2010 filming for the show and interviewed RCA Display Show Coordinator, Matt Olivier, about the RCA and Ruger collecting. The RCA is featured around 1:30 minutes into the segment below: