2018 RCA Membership Drive

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This is the RCA's 43rd year of existence and we are proud to be recognized as the 2 nd oldest NRA affiliated collectors' organization, In order to continue to grow our organization, the RCA staff has set a goal of obtaining at least another 50 new annually.

As part of this membership drive, any new members that sign up during the period will receive the last 2 Journals as part of their "Starter Kit" instead of only receiving one Journal, per the current process.

Any current RCA member that signs up 4 new members will receive a free one-year extension to their membership.

Our goal of 50 new members amounts to basically one new member per week, or 4 new members a month. This is a very achievable goal if every current member seeks to sign up one new member.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of membership materials.