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0 Replies and 3051 Views Hello from Sheffield, England  3051  0 Started by  AndyUK Hi everyone, I've only just found and joined this Forum but I started with a couple of Ruger pistols back about 1980. I've just reacquainted myself with Ruger thro' the purchase at auction of a fairly early brass Old Army (awaiting delivery at the moment). I look forward to learning more from other Forum users. Shoot safely! Andy
0 3051
10 Jan 2012 05:29 PM
0 Replies and 2730 Views Hello from Olympia  2730  0 Started by  Sam Johnson Should have done this long ago. Good to be here. Sam
0 2730
07 Jan 2012 10:36 PM
0 Replies and 2637 Views Hello From Indiana!  2637  0 Started by  rlharvey77 Hello from Indiana! 2 yrs ago, I discoved my interest in the Ruger old model revolvers. It all started when I studded out my Lab for pick of the litter. Come to find out, my wife's Uncle wanted a Lab pup. Instead of purchasing this pup, he offered a trade for a .357 Mag Ruger, in excellent cond, which to his knowledge has only had approx. 50 rounds run through it. I agreed without seeing the gun. He's the pretty peticular type that takes care of his things. All I knew is that I was getting a...
0 2637
06 Jan 2012 08:25 PM
0 Replies and 3297 Views New member  3297  0 Started by  bioboy68 Hello. I have been collecting Rugers for years, shooting many of them. I finally took the plunge and joined the RCA. Looking forward to learning what I didn't know about Rugers, and talking to fellow collectors of all makes.
0 3297
20 Nov 2011 02:34 PM
0 Replies and 4212 Views New Member Alabama  4212  0 Started by  alabama Glad to finally be a part of the RCA have thought about joining for years.Mr. Bill Hamm is just one of the reasons that I decided to take the leap--- I always thought I had nothing to offer the Association and may not still :) Bought my first Ruger in 1967 a SC6 was on my side a lot then when I was hunting for Indian Artifact on the Tenn. and Elk rivers of North Al. one day a large pack of big stray dogs caught me deep in the growth on the Banks of the Elk river had the MAG. cylinder in my SC6 I...
0 4212
16 Nov 2011 06:25 PM
0 Replies and 2757 Views New member  2757  0 Started by  rmhuff3 Hi I am Rich from the north west suburbs of Chicago. Bought my first Ruger back in 1959 it was a Blackhawk 44 mag I still have it. Over the years I bought a few other Rugers,never sold any but I gave a P90 to my son, and gave my grandson my Bearcat. Hope to hear from fellow members.
0 2757
15 Oct 2011 11:59 AM
0 Replies and 3237 Views Hello from hot Arizona  3237  0 Started by  BeagleDog I love all Rugers but my passion has been trying to collect all the original 1/2 GP100's in NIB/LNIB condition. I have shooters in all original configurations and the NIB/LNIB in all configuration except the dratted KGPF330 which is the 3'' model. So I have joined to learn and contribute where I can but the acquisition of that gun is my main priority. Thanks for having me!
0 3237
13 Oct 2011 06:50 PM
0 Replies and 3343 Views RUGER MEMORABILIA  3343  0 Started by  Shooterljs Hello, My name is Lawrence J. Schultz (shooterljsgmail.com) Retired 16-year Ruger CNC employee, Prescott, AZ. Machined inside of slides, all cylindrical parts (slide stops, safeties, firing pin blocks, decockers, recoil rods). Will have for sale lots of NEW Ruger memorabilia (steins, large leather and woven Southwest style carry-on bag, small Christmas plates, pins, shipping box labels, stationary, manuals, fleece throw, and more stuff). &91size=150&93LOOK EXTRA-SPECIAL&91/size&93 NIB RU...
0 3343
08 Oct 2011 02:48 PM
0 Replies and 3763 Views Re: About Time!  3763  0 Started by  Anonymous I totally agree, it is about time!! We sure are glad to have you. I always enjoy your Maxi Displays at Harrisburg and look forward to seeing more of them. Please feel free to post some pictures in the Documents and Photographs gallery on our site, you have some very interesting guns to show and tell everyone about. We will keep a lookout for those special numbers that you are looking for. Again, we welcome you!! FT44/aka Bill
0 3763
06 Sep 2011 03:25 AM
0 Replies and 2595 Views intro  2595  0 Started by  Shooterljs I'm shooterljs former CNC Machinest Prescott employee RUGER stuff for sale what are looking for I have patches manuals christmas gifts padlocks First true W.B.R. approved knives lots of different stuff new and costly NEED TO SELL!!
0 2595
26 Aug 2011 05:37 PM
0 Replies and 2624 Views Hi All  2624  0 Started by  deadshot Looks to be a great fourm with very knowledgeable people. Back in the early 70's when I was a kid of 19 I bought a Ruger single six conversion . Needless to say I was not a very good judge of people and loaned to a friend and it ended up missing . I still have the box and magnum cylinder stored away some where and it may turn up later when I am not looking for it. I have thought for a long time I would buy another one but never got around to looking so I decided to do a little research and it le...
0 2624
21 Aug 2011 06:45 PM
0 Replies and 3003 Views New member Austin, Texas  3003  0 Started by  jimirwin Hi I'm Jim Irwin originally a Yankee (from North Dallas!) but got to Austin as soon as I could. Still have my first Ruger, a ca 1955 flat gate single-six my Dad gave me for Christmas when I was around 13 yrs old. Wasn't a beer can made that was safe from me and my six gun back in the day! (of young eyesight!) I've had and sold many Rugers since. But kept the old six-gun. Now have two Old Army's with factory brass frames. Made in 1973 & 74. Have a Vaquero; a No 1; three 10/22s; & a 77/...
0 3003
15 Aug 2011 10:14 PM
0 Replies and 2835 Views new member  2835  0 Started by  seaneboy Hey there, i am from San Diego
0 2835
29 Jul 2011 11:06 PM
0 Replies and 5166 Views New from Texas  5166  0 Started by  dwconn Hello from Texas... New to the fourm.. Just thought I would share one of my Rugers with you and get some feed back.. Single Six, 4 5/8 barrel, Stainless, Libery marked.. This one is supposed to be rare.. Don't know for sure.. Please let me know what you know about this model... Thanks...
0 5166
30 Jun 2011 03:57 AM
0 Replies and 2631 Views Hi from south louisiana  2631  0 Started by  blackhawk77 love old tang M77s What would be the best aftermarket barrel to use with these old tang safety actions I have a RS in 270 I may start a project on
0 2631
22 Jun 2011 12:31 AM
0 Replies and 2780 Views Hello from Memphis, Tennessee!  2780  0 Started by  Steve3129 I own a Ruger SR9c which is a great gun but not the reason I registered here. My grandfather, long ago deceased, owned an Alphabet Bearcat, W604, which my father now owns. We have been curious about when it was manufactured and shipped, which Ruger records informed us was December 1959. Our second curiosity was it's potential antique value, to which this site has provided some insight. Any other information that can be provided from anyone on these guns would be appreciated. Now that I am r...
0 2780
12 Jun 2011 02:00 AM
0 Replies and 3025 Views Hello from Pennsylvania  3025  0 Started by  Doc Nonverbal Hello all, I just signed on as a RCA life member, though this is something I've wanted to do for a while. My personal opinion is that Ruger is in a ''golden age'' of manufacturing right now, particularly their Blackhawk and Vaquero lines. While their competitors appear to be in decline, Ruger is producing new and exciting firearms every few months. In short, I think it's a good time to be a member of the RCA. I'm relatively new to firearm collecting, as I only started about three years ag...
0 3025
06 Jun 2011 04:18 PM
0 Replies and 3013 Views Hello From Oregon  3013  0 Started by  1V'r Hell everyone, Ruger 1 fan newbie here. Joined the site to increase my knowledge or my beloved 1V's. :mrgreen:
0 3013
28 May 2011 05:02 PM
0 Replies and 2984 Views Hobie from Virginia  2984  0 Started by  Hobie Good afternoon. I joined RCA a few months ago on the recommendation of a couple of people including Matt Olivier. Seems that I keep buying Rugers although, I must admit, I didn't intend to become a collector! E.g. I just got another Bearcat sn M801. I like those little guns for some reason. I do believe that some of you know me from elsewhere.
0 2984
11 May 2011 06:10 PM
0 Replies and 3544 Views Info hunt  3544  0 Started by  passin'thru &91size=150&93A new friend of mine showed me a near mint Ruger Flattop Blackhawk .357 in Stainless or Nickel with an aluminum frame and black rubber grips. Serial number is 4614. I noticed a black pin sticking out of the frame just behind the trigger. The gun is a mystery to both of us so any input is welcomed. All this info is from memory of a few days ago, but if anyone has a direct question about markings, etc. I can look it over and offer more. Thanks from Texas.&91/size&93
0 3544
10 May 2011 04:24 AM
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