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0 Replies and 3794 Views New!  3794  0 Started by  EthanR9 Hello! Just stumbled upon this forum in search of info about the Ruger rifles with Zytel stocks. I have Ruger revolvers, a semi auto and several rifles.
0 3794
11 Jan 2016 03:44 AM
0 Replies and 7666 Views Just joined.  7666  0 Started by  Facklerrebel I am a retired 66 year old veteran of the US Army, living in North Alabama. I have owned Ruger firearms most of my adult life. IF I still had all of them, I would need a much larger gun safe. Traded off my Ruger SP101 in .22LR, that I bought new in 93, I think. This gun only had maybe 200 rounds thru it. I just don't like stainless, that was all that was wrong with it. Anyway, picked up a Ruger Single Six, which according to the serial number was made somewhere between 1962 and 1963. Found you f...
0 7666
06 Jan 2016 09:25 PM
0 Replies and 7441 Views Greetings  7441  0 Started by  JB. Books Howdy Forum, I came across the forum while doing some research on some of my older Rugers. Found a great deal wealth of information. Great Forum, decided to join up ...
0 7441
06 Jan 2016 08:56 PM
0 Replies and 8032 Views Hello from Phoenix  8032  0 Started by  jebstuart I’m new to forum “participation” so I’ll just say – Born in South Carolina - Have lived in Arizona 25 years now and traveled extensively. I have been a Colt collector since the 70’s, and I believe every word ever spoken by Jeff Cooper is God’s Truth. I was a normal S&W & Colt fanatic until the “Ruger Bug” bit me. That did it – Now I’m developing signs of another real problem. Then, I remembered the old “Birds of a Feather” axiom. I need to be among my own kind, that’s all. If you ...
0 8032
06 Jan 2016 05:39 PM
0 Replies and 5354 Views 77/357  5354  0 Started by  tdeanwagoner I traded for a Ruger 77/357 made in 2014. It is a blued rifle. I can't seem to find any information on this rifle in blue. Not in Rugers catalog, can't find any for sale. Have I gotten a hold of something special It has me a little intrigued. Thanks for any help Tom
0 5354
31 Dec 2015 10:48 PM
0 Replies and 7661 Views HOW TO COMMUNICATE ON THIS WEBSITE  7661  0 Started by  good-tom To: All Members (especially Admin) From: Tom Rutherford (good-tom) Subj: HOW TO COMMUNICATE ON THIS WEBSITE Need some assistance re how to communicate on this website. I label myself ''technically challenged'' when it involves computers. Here are some situations: 1. I post a new topic. One or more members respond. I want to respond to each one individually. What steps do I take What options do I have. (Details please) 2. I don't understand any of the five options. These begin...
0 7661
27 Dec 2015 09:58 PM
0 Replies and 4842 Views New Member & No.1 Fan  4842  0 Started by  soileauj Good afternoon all. I recently purchased my 1st No.1 in 35 Whelen and while at my FFL picking it up purchased another in 30.06 with the red pad (of which I will be asking questions about shortly) at a steal. Went out shooting both this past weekend and totally fell enjoyed the experience. Hence I noe 2 additionaly No.1's coming in shortly. Look forward to being a member in this community. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to All!!
0 4842
22 Dec 2015 09:04 PM
0 Replies and 6984 Views NEW MEMBER NEEDS ASSISTANCE  6984  0 Started by  good-tom To: ALL MEMBERS From: Tom Rutherford (good-tom) Subj: .416 RIGBY MAGNUM (Serial 750-00143) First, it is an honor and pleasure to join your association. I look forward to assisting others and gaining significant knowledge from you. I need immediate assistance! I'm updating my Will, making important decisions, and possibly placing my beloved .416 Rigby Magnum up for sale. I joined the association yesterday evening so that you professionals can tell me what my Rigby is worth. It is a ...
0 6984
17 Dec 2015 09:11 PM
0 Replies and 6058 Views New guy  6058  0 Started by  Mrmull2 I am also a new guy and I have a collection Ruger number 1 rifles but at present I am trying to find information on a Ruger 357 Virginia State police commemorative gun. I've been reading some about them but what makes mine different is that my Engravings on the trigger Guard says 1 of the 000. Does anybody know what that means
0 6058
07 Dec 2015 01:57 AM
0 Replies and 6373 Views Mark I Pricing  6373  0 Started by  ncsxcang Hi y'all, I'm a new member and proud owner of a 1965 Mark I Target 6 7/8 with box and papers (also have an LCP, et.al. ) . I was curious as to the pricing of the Standard and Mark I's up to 1982 and recently got a copy of the Shooter's Bible with a description of the models and pricing from $37.50 (standard ) to $57.50 for my model (forgot to mention it has a tapered barrel). Wasn't this the same price for the originals issued and sold in 1949 Or '50 Does anyone have a price list from '4...
0 6373
28 Nov 2015 04:46 PM
0 Replies and 4670 Views mongochicago  4670  0 Started by  mongochicago Greetings everyone; Looked at this forum off and on for awhile, finally joined. Owned and sold many a Ruger over the years (as other brands). Twenty two as I can recall. Not a collector, but more of a shooter. I am the type of person that would buy a valuable collectable and shoot the beans out of it. That's just me. I like the older type guns. Actually, I have a line on a mint, never fired Hawkeye single shot in original box with papers. &91b&93If&91/b&93 I get it, it will go ...
0 4670
16 Nov 2015 03:22 PM
0 Replies and 4198 Views new member  4198  0 Started by  turkeyroost hi, I am an avid turkey hunter but also am interested in Ruger pistols.
0 4198
22 Oct 2015 07:21 PM
0 Replies and 4104 Views 45 caliber cylinder  4104  0 Started by  terrymeyer Would like a 45 caliber cylinder for an old model 3 screw Ruger
0 4104
05 Aug 2015 10:41 PM
0 Replies and 6962 Views New Member  6962  0 Started by  gaucho9 Almost 70, transplanted Arg. MD, now retired in Maine. Lucky enough to have recently acquired a Ruger 1 in .300 Win Mag. Just brought it home and downloaded the Owners Manual. But, where in the rifle do I find the Serial Number Thanks, G9
0 6962
25 Jul 2015 10:04 PM
0 Replies and 4090 Views Ruger Collectorfrom NE Ohio  4090  0 Started by  GAMBIT Hello, I am a new member from Ohio. I have been collecting Rugers for 35 years. My first Centerfire handgun was a .357 Security Six 6'' in SS. I purchased it used for 150.00 in 1980. I am glad to have the R.C.A. as a source of info for future purchaces. GAMBIT
0 4090
23 Jul 2015 06:51 PM
0 Replies and 6379 Views Question 1960 Ruger Super Black Hawk 10 1/2  6379  0 Started by  SteveDoyle Hi, I am a new member from Indian Land South Carolina. I have a 1960 Ruger 44 Mag 10.5 Super Black Hawk Serial Number 23503. My son and I took it to the range and the spent round ejector arm fell off the weapon. I looked at it with a high powered magnifying glass and it seems like the pin sheared off. I called Ruger for a repair. They stated before any work commences they want to add a new safety and this will replace many of the original parts. I am very worried that this work will change ...
0 6379
21 Jul 2015 01:39 PM
0 Replies and 4458 Views no,1 rifles  4458  0 Started by  jeremiahrigby hello I was a member back in 1986. my main interest is no.1 rifles. is it possible to find out if my no.1 in 303 british is one of the original 250 that were built before they were catalogued in january of 2011. I purchased mine in November of 2010. by the way my old membership number was 07438. thank you.
0 4458
13 Jul 2015 07:12 PM
0 Replies and 6778 Views New Ruger Collection in Alaska  6778  0 Started by  acfkat My name is Kat and I work at a gun shop in Alaska. We recently acquired a decent amount of Ruger Revolvers, Bearcats, Redhawks, Blackhawks, Single Six, Etc. There are quite a few little collectables in the batch that I know I'll need some of your help on! Nice to meet you, if you have any resources I might be able to use to help determine the value, collectability, etc I'd be glad to look! Thanks so much.
0 6778
25 Jun 2015 10:21 PM
0 Replies and 7830 Views NEW GUY FROM THE NORTH GEORGIA MOUNTAINS  7830  0 Started by  danlnga I am getting up in years but still enjoy good firearms and Rugers have been one of my favorites over the years. My first was a single six in the 70's, then an early mini-14 & on & on. My favorite is a Mod 77 Mtn Rifle acquired new in 1984 in 30-06. I have several others but I will not bore you with all that. Good to be here & I will be a frequent visitor................Dan
0 7830
20 Jun 2015 08:06 PM
0 Replies and 7598 Views new member here. Triggerman770. Small Arms Restoration  7598  0 Started by  Triggerman770 glad to join Conyers, Ga.
0 7598
12 Jun 2015 06:29 PM
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