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0 Replies and 4385 Views Ruger Stock ~ ~ certificate  4385  0 Started by  LimpinLeroy Howdy folks. If this is a dumb question, please pardon me and I'll move on. I have no experience in the purchase of investment stocks. Can Ruger stock be purchased to where the buyer actually gets the stock certificate instead of a electronic blip on a computer some where If so, can they be purchased in say 5 or 6 stocks at a time If small numbers cannot be purchased, could a group buy be done Surely we have someone in our organization who can answer these questions Thanks for...
0 4385
13 Oct 2013 10:47 PM
0 Replies and 3721 Views 10/22 TNZ  3721  0 Started by  cabinroe I recently acquired a 10/22 TNZ, and was wondering about the trigger in it. It appears to be stock issue, so I thought about a trigger kit. Any suggestions
0 3721
13 Sep 2013 03:02 AM
0 Replies and 4504 Views 10/22 TNZ  4504  0 Started by  cabinroe I recently acquired a 10/22 TNZ, and was wondering about the trigger in it. It appears to be stock issue, so I thought about a trigger kit. Any suggestions
0 4504
13 Sep 2013 03:02 AM
0 Replies and 3554 Views Ruger, model, mfg date, value,  3554  0 Started by  dinki dow I have a .22 pistol, ser 11-0089X, no mdl , no warning on barrel, wooden grips, 4.75'' tapered barrel, no box,1 mag, 98 condition. Ruger's list of ser with a ''11'' prefix start at 26288. The ''10'' prefix starts 00001. Could mine be a miss stamp Called Ruger and was told maybe 1972 as he could not find a definite date. Maybe the guy was a summer replacement. :roll: Any help will be appreciated.
0 3554
11 Sep 2013 12:44 AM
0 Replies and 3258 Views 10/22 carbine  3258  0 Started by  lane32724 Can anybody tell me the difference between a ruger10/22 carbine made in 1974 and one you could buy new in the box today I had one when I was a kid and I plan to buy another. I look at a new one and it seamed alot lighter and cheaper than the one I had uwhen I was a kid.
0 3258
09 Sep 2013 08:37 PM
0 Replies and 4068 Views Possibly a one of a kind 45 colt redhawk  4068  0 Started by  mobius I finally got the replacement for my de-barreled redhawk today, after a 9 month wait, more or less. Story here: &91url&93https://www.youtube.com/watchv=RpffcfJ78h4&91/url&93 It was apparently un-repairable so they sent me a new one. It has some pretty unique features, starting with a current production serial number, on a discontinued model. It's a 4.20 barrel but it doesn't have the flat top the 4 inch usually has. Rather it has a raised boss the site sits on like the longer ones. Ru...
0 4068
17 Aug 2013 02:27 PM
0 Replies and 6234 Views Can anyone identify the engraver of this Blackhawk?  6234  0 Started by  Doc Nonverbal Hello all, This revolver is a 70's Ruger Blackhawk with a SuperBlackhawk grip frame. I can't find any markings to indicate who did the engraving and unfortunately the seller wasn't the original owner and had no information to share. Any guidance you could offer on who did this work would be greatly appreciated. &91url=http://s293.photobucket.com/user/Doc_Nonverbal/media/pop_wm_5320649_zps2f28b2d9.jpg.html&93&91img&93http://i293.photobucket.com/albums/mm56/Doc_Nonverbal/pop_wm_5320649_zps...
0 6234
09 Aug 2013 06:38 PM
0 Replies and 5172 Views How many M77's were made in 416taylor always thought 2 but..  5172  0 Started by  rugerman257r I always though that there were only two M77's made in 416 taylor but a recent auction had two on their listings, both supposedly factory chambered. They state that thier research showed 12 made. These two are 1976 ''liberty models'' Serial numbers 71-11963 and 71-12513. Can anyone verify this info or negate it Any help would eb greatly appreciated Thanks
0 5172
06 Aug 2013 10:56 PM
0 Replies and 4141 Views RUGER RESEARCH????  4141  0 Started by  rcguns i have tried repeatedly to get some research information by contacting Jay Hanson 203-259-9498. I have left numerous messages, but no return calls. Is there another number or source I should be trying :: Thank you, RCGUNS
0 4141
27 Jul 2013 12:41 AM
0 Replies and 3809 Views value of Super Single Six 22LR/mag  3809  0 Started by  hoswald What is the value of my Ruger New Model Super Single Six Convertible .22LR/.22 magnum 9.5-inch barrel revolver Catalog No. NR-9 (1975) in excellent condition, with original box and pamphlet and cleaning brush My email: dspserviceaol.com
0 3809
27 Jul 2013 12:32 AM
0 Replies and 3552 Views Re: "S" Marked auto 22  3552  0 Started by  cherokee5425 cherokee5425, WOW 7 months and no responses!! Yes, that large S does add value! Did your friend sell it If not still want to Contact me for added value. SATCOM
0 3552
20 Jul 2013 03:38 PM
0 Replies and 3381 Views Summer Journal  3381  0 Started by  tucker59 Hi, When cn we expect the summer journals to arrive
0 3381
05 Jul 2013 05:20 PM
0 Replies and 4117 Views 2009 NRA Gun Of The Year Ruger Vaquero  4117  0 Started by  davidz I've acquired a Ruger New Vaquero 45LC engraved with NRA 2009 Gun Of The Year Matched Set on the barrel. The gun is cased harded, blued with black grips and came in a box clearly labeled as indicatec above. My question is the serial number falls outside the range that the Firends Of NRA blog says was created (consecutive 0001-1125 prefixed either NRAL or NRAR). I called Ruger and they said it was a valid serial number but were unable to provide any further inforamtion. These guns were in box...
0 4117
21 Jun 2013 02:34 PM
0 Replies and 4013 Views Ruger single-six 17hmr, mfg. 10663  4013  0 Started by  rcguns We recently acquired a Ruger Single-Six stainless, chambered in 17hmr, and wood grips. The ruger model is 10663. These were manufactured in 2010 & 2011. I have read some posts that this was a Lipseys exclusive. I am a Lipseys customer and they informed us that this isn't true, but they did sell only 10 of this model. Can anyone tell me how many were made, and what it's value would be in 95-98 condition. ::
0 4013
11 Jun 2013 01:21 AM
0 Replies and 4962 Views Tell me what I have  4962  0 Started by  PNW I was given a gun that belonged to my grandfather. Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 Magnum Catalog No. S47 serial 33504 never been shot and still in the original red cardboard box.
0 4962
05 Jun 2013 04:56 AM
0 Replies and 3391 Views Armamex Ruger Mark I  3391  0 Started by  welder293 Hello all. I am new to this forum and looking for help. I was looking online for parts and modification ideas for the Ruger pistol that my grandfather gave me several years ago. I was on my way to making it a project gun untill I saw that this may be a very rare item. It is a Ruger MK I or standard assembled in Mexico by Armamex.There was an article on this forum about it and I thought that some of you may be able to give me some insight. Is it worth too much for me to tinker with as a novice i...
0 3391
21 May 2013 04:02 AM
0 Replies and 4423 Views Shoot a New Ruger Ducks Unlimited Gun or Not?  4423  0 Started by  Ozarker73 I can't decide if I should shoot my never shot Ruger new Vaquero ''Duck's Unlimited'' .45 colt or not. Do Duck's Unlimited commemorative guns usually increase in value Thanks.
0 4423
21 May 2013 01:58 AM
0 Replies and 3846 Views Ruger New Vaquero .45 Colt Ducks Unlimited 75th Ann. Edition  3846  0 Started by  Ozarker73 Hi everyone. I own a never shot Ruger New Vaquero .45 Colt Ducks Unlimited revolver and need some information pertaining to the value-number produced. It has a special serial number with DU incorporated, gold inlay and comes with an oak presentation case. First, I really want to shoot it but will that destroy its value substantially Also, how many were produced Thanks for all of your help and look forward to your replies.
0 3846
17 May 2013 02:41 PM
0 Replies and 4104 Views Ruger No.1A .22 Hornet  4104  0 Started by  Akboater I recently acquired a No.1A in 99 condition that has a 22'' tapered barrel with no sights. It does have the barrel band for sling swivel. It has the red pad and I believe it was built in 1981. Looking at the Blue Book of Gun Values, it seems this is one of 355 built but I've never seen another 1A without sights from the factory and I have no indications that this is anything but a factory gun. Does anyone have any information/insight they could share Is this a rare No. 1 Thanks!
0 4104
15 May 2013 02:25 AM
0 Replies and 5185 Views Collector 's firearm or not?  5185  0 Started by  T.Warner I have a 10-22, maple stock, barrel tapped for a pistol scope, with a medallion inset on the side of the stock that is an engraving of ''chief AJ'' with serial 00 out of 100 made. It also has little brass pins on the front of the stock for grips. My father purchased this rifle at a gun show, from the chief, 20 years ago. It was shortly after he set a world record for shooting with 10-22 s.Now it's mine. My question is ''did ruger do this or did the chief take it upon himself and do it'' What...
0 5185
09 May 2013 04:01 PM
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