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Last Post 04 Jan 2022 04:31 AM by  john c. dougan
Any help with info on these 2 Early Ruger Blackhawk 44s?
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03 Jan 2022 01:31 PM

    I collected guns in my early 20s but that's over 30 years ago.  I have a 6.5" 1st year I believe s/n 2xxx and a 7.5" (I know was rare) s/n 24xxx.  I have always hung on to them because they were in incredible condition.  Does Ruger still send letters?

    john c. dougan
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    04 Jan 2022 04:31 AM

    Welcome to the RCA site. Ruger does indeed still offer letters. Go to thier website and there is a place to submit your information.There is a $10 charge for each letter.