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1 Replies and 7818 Views WTB New Bearcat Convertible  7818  1 Started by  jlaroche99 Looking to add a new bearcat convertible to the collection. If you have one please send me a message so we can chat. Thanks. Jerry
1 7818
by  Dale SmithJump to last post
25 Mar 2022 07:57 AM
0 Replies and 9774 Views Ruger Single Six GKNR-4F  9774  0 Started by  PaulT Just picked up an ultra rare Single Six. It is highly polished SS, 4-5/8'' barrel with fixed sights. The dealer told me that it came out of a large collection he recently purchased. I am looking for any information that will help verify that there were only 3 of these actually manufactured and sold. Catalog : GKNR-4F Thanks, Paul
0 9774
06 Oct 2018 10:49 PM
0 Replies and 5494 Views Ruger Vaquero 45LC with a 3 5/8" barrel  5494  0 Started by  kurtman57 I bought a new Ruger Vaquero 45LC, bright stainless with white grips and a non-catalog 3 5/8'' barrel in February 2000, Serial 57- 42xxx, is this anything special Its only been shot 3 or 4 times. Thanks. kurtman57
0 5494
12 Apr 2018 04:38 AM
0 Replies and 5099 Views IHMSA 500 MARKED 44 Mag 10 inch  5099  0 Started by  BigKid I have a Ruger SA 44 Mag 10 inch barrel marked on top IHMSA 500. Does any on know if this means it is 500 or just 1 of 500 Or any information on the run of those marked as such
0 5099
24 Mar 2018 09:22 PM
0 Replies and 6753 Views Super Blackhawk prewarning  6753  0 Started by  Ruger 4570 Hi I just picked up a super Blackhawk prewarning. Trying to find out appox year made. The number is 81 098 xx. I do plan on shooting it. Have had ruger Blackhawk in the past, and since I cast reload I shoot a lot got a lcp 9 I put over 500 thru it in 6 months. Any idea when the pistol was made Thanks
0 6753
17 Feb 2017 11:36 PM
0 Replies and 8068 Views My New Vaquero 44 Special  8068  0 Started by  Pilgar My new Vaquero SS Birdshead 44 Special
0 8068
29 Apr 2016 02:10 PM
0 Replies and 7140 Views Looking for info on a Miss marked Ruger Vaquero  7140  0 Started by  Pilgar &91attachment=0&93IMG_20160302_145703808_HDR.jpg&91/attachment&93 Looking for Info on a Ruger Vaquero that is a 44mag but marked 41 Special. It is SS with a 3 inch barrel with birds head grip. Has anyone heard of one of these guns
0 7140
28 Apr 2016 10:10 PM
0 Replies and 8944 Views Re: WANTED! MAXIMUM SERIAL NUMBERS!  8944  0 Started by  Anonymous Coogs, A few years back I provided a blurb about Maximums in the RCA JOURNAL. It indicated how many 7 1/2'' and how many 10'' were made plus the production quantity. Perhaps someone reading this can recall which issue that appeared in. I can't recall but, it seems around 1994-1996 time frame. the data came from the factory. John
0 8944
23 Apr 2016 05:36 PM
0 Replies and 7861 Views 50th Anniversary set Blackhawks  7861  0 Started by  The Virg Can anyone give me a good opinion on the value of a set of 50th anniversary Blackhawks all NIB with red boxes and glass display case. 357 mag 4 1/2'' bbl 44 mag 6 1/2'' bbl same serial numbers. How many sets like this were sold Thanks a bunch, Lynn
0 7861
02 Sep 2015 11:57 PM
0 Replies and 7233 Views Serial Numbers  7233  0 Started by  The Virg Want to share. I am a new member. Just joined RENE. While doing research, I found I own a Buckeye Sports Supply S32X 32-20/32H&R & a S3840 38-40/10mm auto with the exact same last 5 digit serial numbers. The prefix of the S32X is 610 and the S3840 is 611. Both appear unshot. No box nor paper on the S32X but everything for the S3840 including the outer shipping box. WHAT ARE THE ODDS. I bought them over a year apart from two different people. The Virg
0 7233
18 Aug 2015 03:57 AM
0 Replies and 6575 Views Value question on a HIghly Engraved Blued Ruger Single Six  6575  0 Started by  acfkat I have a highly engraved blued Ruger New Model Single Six with both cylinders. It's in a wooden presentation box, no factory box or papers. Just trying to come up with a value on it but am coming up with nothing. Any help would be great. I've got many other pictures of it. I will be selling it in the near future but I really don't want to throw this sucker up on a penny auction and let the fates have their way with it.
0 6575
28 Jul 2015 08:22 PM
0 Replies and 9540 Views Re: Kirst Conversion Cylinder for Ruger Old Army  9540  0 Started by  Buckstone I've been using my old armies for cowboy shooting with r&d conversions for cowboy shooting. I've started using 1 pistol and 2 cyl. and swapping them on the clock ala pale rider. it adds about 5 to 7 seconds to my times but what the heck it looks good.
0 9540
02 Jan 2015 03:45 PM
0 Replies and 6530 Views Ruger "Two Tone" Bearcat (Blued and Stainless)  6530  0 Started by  kenfer I have a new Ruger Bearcat that is half blue and half stainless steel. It has a blued frame, laimiated grips, and stainless steel barrel. The trigger and hammer are stainless/silver color. The stainless steel barrel front sight is blued. In checking with Ruger by telephone a few months ago, the customer service representative told me that there were at least 3 but no more than 10 made that way before they caught their ''mistake.'' He suggested that I write Ruger Customer Service and for a f...
0 6530
05 Oct 2014 06:15 PM
0 Replies and 6288 Views Ruger Bearcat "two tone" anomaly  6288  0 Started by  kenfer I have a NIB Ruger Bearcat with a blued frame and stainless steel barrel. The trigger and hammer are silver/stainless. The stainless barrel has a blued front sight. I am told Ruger by Ruger over telephone that they made at least 3 like this but no more than 10 before they realized their mistake. Also told to write in for serial no. History and for$10 they could tell me how many were made and how they were categorized (either factory blemish or limited edition). Anyway, tried that 3 times wri...
0 6288
05 Oct 2014 05:25 PM
0 Replies and 6459 Views nm single six 32 mag  6459  0 Started by  f111emech I have a new model single six in 32 mag. Ruger customer service said it was made in late '85 or early '86. I bought it in '86 or '87 but a friend in the gun business had trouble finding it in his value books. Is there a way to find out when it was made and how many were made and maybe a rough idea of value It has only a couple boxes of ammo through it and I would say it is at 90.
0 6459
02 Oct 2014 11:37 PM
0 Replies and 6370 Views Can Someone Tell Me About My Revolver?  6370  0 Started by  brosco http://i535.photobucket.com/albums/ee358/copunola/IMG_4865.jpg http://i535.photobucket.com/albums/ee358/copunola/IMG_4867.jpg http://i535.photobucket.com/albums/ee358/copunola/IMG_4868.jpg http://i535.photobucket.com/albums/ee358/copunola/IMG_4869.jpg http://i535.photobucket.com/albums/ee358/copunola/IMG_4870.jpg
0 6370
23 Sep 2014 11:10 AM
0 Replies and 6660 Views Vaquero 45 LC Louisiana Sheriff's Commerative 1 of 100  6660  0 Started by  bmbguns Greetings, This is my first post to the forum ! I'm an FFL in Louisiana and recently acquired an interesting Ruger single action. I'm a fan and owner of Ruger single actions but know nothing about commemorative and collectible items. Any info on value would be appreciated. Also, can Ruger supply any kind of letter or information on a firearm like this So here we go... Vaquero 45 Long Colt. No box or paperwork. It has been shot. Noticeable cylinder ring. Overall very good condition. ...
0 6660
27 Jul 2014 04:13 PM
0 Replies and 6552 Views Ruger Bisley Grip Frames  6552  0 Started by  cba_shooter Hello, I'm looking for a set of SS Ruger Bisley Grip frames, Finished not in the white and need to be finished. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. thanks, cba 8-) 8-) 8-)
0 6552
20 Jul 2014 11:17 PM
0 Replies and 6515 Views History lesson please  6515  0 Started by  JohnnySS6 I posted this in the pre-73 section as well as I don't know enough of the specifics. My father in law recently passed away. Many years ago I recall him telling the story of a Ruger factory mistake. A small lot of single action barrels were drilled through during the process of mounting the front site. The barrels were shortened to a non-standard length and then had their front sites mounted. These were un-cataloged but sold. Does anyone know if this true What model Where could I find the af...
0 6515
19 Jul 2014 05:37 PM
0 Replies and 6585 Views A SET OF 44 MAG VAQUERO'S  6585  0 Started by  yalahakid Hi Ruger fans. I am thinking about selling a set (sequential serial numbers) 56-64495 and 64496. Vaquero in 44 Mag with 4 5/8 blued barrels. Based on the serial numbers there were less than 300 produced. One gun in itself is very collectible. However, a set with sequential serial numbers makes the pricing, out of gun values books nonexistent. Is there anywhere I can go to get a fair market price Both guns are in great condition with very little use. Thanks
0 6585
22 May 2014 01:06 PM
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