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Photo's - Best Practices...
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02 Feb 2008 06:46 PM
    It is MUCH better to include your photo's as attachments vs pointing to some photo post site.
    It will resize them ""automatically"" to the available window space and that picture will become a ""thumb"" link to the original should someone want that great detailed picture :shock:

    Posting pics is pretty easy after you get the hang of it.
    Just click on ""Reply"" or ""New Topic"", write your message.
    Scroll down below the message box and look to the left side for ""Upload Attachment"".
    Click on that button and ""Filename"" with ""Browse"" button will come up.
    Click on ""Browse"" and it will take you to your pictures in your computer.
    Select the picture you want to post and click ""Open"".
    It will then show up on in the space beside the ""Browse"" button.
    Click the button to the right of ""Browse"" that says ""Add The File"".
    It will save the picture for posting.
    Put your cursor where you want you picture to show up under or in your message.
    Then click ""Inline"" by the picture number and it will post the picture where your cursor is located.
    You can add as many photos as you like following the same process each time.
    Click on ""Preview"" to see how they turn out in the post before clicking ""Submit"" to post for viewers.