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02 Feb 2010 08:09 PM
    ...so the new Members will know who they are talking with!
    I joined the RCA in the first wave after the San Diego NRA Show in 1975. I like to tell the story of my first 2 Rugers. When I was 16, I wanted a handgun very badly. My Father wouldn't go for it. So, I decided I would just get a motorcycle. My Dad decided he liked the pistol idea better! We went to Hack's Army Store in Killeen, Texas and bought an All Blue Lightweight with the steel cylinder. Still have it and the box, which is pretty rough after all my moves. Then, when I was 17, I decided I wanted a .44 Flattop with the 10"" barrel. Hack's had one and I had $50 in graduation money, so I put it down. The plan was to pay it off in a couple of weeks after I started my Summer job. I couldn't stand it, so I took a couple of old family guns to the Pawn Shop. Got enough $$ to go get my .44.
    Hack knew me pretty well by then; can you believe that a 17 year old went into a Gun Shop and walked out with a .44?
    When I finally begin to make enough money to afford a Collecting hobby, 1873 Winchesters were my thing.
    By 1972, I had bought a No.1 rifle. In the mid-70's, I picked up a couple of more No.1's. I met Joe Clayton at the Dallas gun Show in the Spring of 1977 and that really kicked off my interest in collecting the No.1 rifles.
    In the mid-80's, I sold off my Winchesters and have been a serious Ruger collector ever since. I will admit to having a few Rugers other than No.1's- but they are my passion!!
    The buck below was from this year; I call him my BYB buck! Taken from my back yard balcony on the Ranch at 235 yards!
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