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Last Post 01 Jan 1900 12:00 AM by  Anonymous
Re: Ruger GP100 revovlers - Overview
 2 Replies
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22 Jul 2014 03:17 AM
    How about the model with the 5"" barrel? Do you know the number for that one?
    New Member
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    23 Mar 2010 08:47 PM
    Again, trying to collect and presnt information about the different variatons of Rugers. This time the GP100 series. AS usual all information, tips, help and free Rugers shipped to Europa would be appreciated.
    New Member
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    23 Mar 2010 09:15 PM
    [b]Ruger GP100 Revolvers[/b]
    Catalog Number Caliber Finnish* Sights Shroud Barrel Length Misc
    GP-141 .357 mag B Adj Full 4""
    KGP-141 .357 mag SS Adj Full 4""
    GP-160 .357 mag B Adj Short 6"" Dicontinued
    KGP-160 .357 mag SS Adj Short 6"" Dicontinued
    GP-161 .357 mag B Adj Full 6""
    KGP-161 .357 mag SS Adj Full 6""
    KGPF-330 .357 mag SS fix Short 3"" Dicontinued
    GPF-331 .357 mag B Fix Full 3"" Dicontinued
    KGPF-331 .357 mag SS fix Full 3""
    GPF-340 .357 mag B Fix Short 4"" Dicontinued
    KGPF-340 .357 mag SS fix Short 4"" Dicontinued
    GPF-341 .357 mag B Fix Full 4"" Dicontinued
    KGPF-341 .357 mag SS fix Full 4"" Dicontinued
    KGPF-840 .38 Sp. mag SS fix 4"" Dicontinued
    KGP-4327-7 .327 mag SS Adj 4"" New in 2010, 7 shot cylinder
    *Finnish B= blue, SS = Stainless steel
    [b]Note about barrel length[/b] The ruger website states that their gp 140 series revolvers have 4.20"" barrels, not excactly 4"".
    [b]Note about grips[/b] From 2009 / 2010 The gp 100 revolvers are delivered with Houghe ruger grips not the ruger wood and rubber combination grips.

    There are several distributors exclusives including som 5"" barrel variations from Davidesons. More inforamtion would be appreviated.
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