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Last Post 01 Jan 1900 12:00 AM by  Anonymous
2011 Harrisburg RCA Display Shows - pictures
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28 Mar 2011 02:57 AM
    Here are pictures of the displays and displayers from last weekend's RCA Display Show in Harrisburg, PA. We had a tremendous show with some of the most fantastic Rugers in the world on display. We had 32 tables of Rugers and received yet another tremendous welcome from the central Pennsylvania public and dealers.

    The raffle gun, won by a member of the general public who purchased a ticket a couple of hours before the drawing. It was a Ruger New Model 44 Special Flat-top, 4 5/8"" bbl, with American Holly grips by Private Schultz (http://www.privatescustomgrips.com), and a complete restoration by Turnbull Manufacturing (http://www.turnbullmfg.com), of Bloomfield NY. Included in the raffle was a custom carved Sourdough holster by Simply Rugged Holsters (http://www.simplyrugged.com). A big thank you to Ed Schultz (grips), Keith Van Orman (Turnbull Manufacturing) and Rob Leahy (Simply Rugged Holsters) for their help in a very successful auction that raised some much needed funds for our Display Shows.


    Rod Kirian and his wonderful display of a ""baker's dozen"" of 2- and 3-digit 44 Flat-tops. Twelve of the guns had factory stag grips and one, a 2-digit gun, had factory ivory grips. Rod won RCA Advanced Displayer class for this display.

    Russ Doucette and his fanstastic display of ""Ruger and John Wayne"". Russ' display received tremendous interest from the public and Russ was often found talking with by-standers about his display, and even showing other John Wayne items he had. Russ won the RCA's ""Intermediate Displayer"" class with this display.

    Yours truly with his display of Ruger Old Model 45s. This display included 10 low numbered old Model 45 Blackhawks, inlcuding 2 single digit guns, five 2-digit guns, two 3-digit guns, and one of only two known factory second guns:

    BIll Hamm and his display of ""Fancy Rugers"". Bill's display of 6 factory engraved Single Sixes was just breathtaking. In his display was the first Spanish Engraved gun, s/n 5100, and a triplicate set of consecutive engraved guns!! Bill's Spanish Engraved Single Six also won the Red Eagle News Exchange Best Ruger of Show award.

    Lee Sundermeier and his display of Ruger #1s. Lee included a variety of very early rifles of different calibers and configurations.

    Dave Lortscher and his display of Ruger Collecting 101. Dave won the Promoter's ""Most Educational Display"" award for this display of Ruger Collecting.

    Jack Coogan and his awesome display of 357 Maximum Rugers. Jack had a variety of interesting and unique Maxis, including a non-Ruger, a US Arms Seville, which was evaluated by Ruger and one of the reasons for the demise of Ruger's Maximum chambering.

    Terry Tawney and his very nice display of Ruger Double Action revolvers. Terry drove all the way from California to display his collection with us and won the Promoter's ""furthest distance traveled award"".

    Mike Womble and his display of fantastic 44 Flat-tops. Mike included one example from each variation, along with one of each boxes, and grips. Mike won the Promoter's ""Best of Show"" award with this display.

    Bill Hightower and his display of his favorite 44 flat-tops...and what a great bunch of flat-tops they were!! From a 2-digit, to a factory second 7.5"" bbl gun, to a boxed/shippered, 10"" gun. Just aswesome.

    Tyrone Phillips and his always educationsal display of Ruger Handgun Terms. Tyrone shows examples of all of the they key Ruger handgun terms...red eagle, flat-top, lightweight, brass frame, old army, etc... Tyrone always receives a great welcome from the public.

    Jim Schafer and his display of extremely rare Lightweights. Incluindg factory seconds, boxes, grips, etc... Jim always brings out the best for us in Harrisburg!!

    Here is the promoter, Nick Jubinski, from Mid-Atlantic Arms Collectors, presenting each of the winners of his awards with their cash rewards:

    There were some of the rarest Rugers in existence at this show. From some #1 rifles of which there are only one or tow known, to a Spanish engraved Single Six, to single digit guns, 2-digit guns, factory stag and ivory grips, memorabilia, doulb e action revolvers of only a handful known, etc...

    If you want to see these great Rugers, plan on coming by next year in Harrisburg, PA. You can also join us in displaying your collection. We had three new collectors join us this year and all of them said they had a great time, with one or two of them leaving with ideas for their forthcoming displays!!

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need any additional information.

    Thanks for looking!

    New Member
    Posts: New Member

    28 Mar 2011 11:21 AM
    Great Pics, Matt! Thanks for sharing them!
    Fantastic Displays! Wow!!!

    Thanks for the link post on RF, too.......

    New Member
    Posts: New Member

    29 Mar 2011 01:15 AM
    Great Display's! Nice to read up on the display's.
    brass frame
    New Member
    Posts: New Member

    29 Mar 2011 01:58 AM
    I personally want to send my thanks for a great professional type job of organizing and preparing for this Ruger show. It really helps when things go so well and the fellow collectors get to take home some real memories and maybe a new treasure or two. I know the promoter is first class and appreciates our displays.
    We had several from the public stop and ask questions, remember the gentleman with the BKH-42B? He was very interested in our displays and full of questions! I think we are making a real impact on the public and the value to collecting Rugers.

    Thanks for a great job of organizing and recruiting. Your Buckeye friend.

    Brass Frame/Lee
    New Member
    Posts: New Member

    29 Mar 2011 02:09 AM
    No doubt in my mind; Harrisburg tops Tulsa for the best Ruger displays. thanks for the pictures and writeup!
    Great Job, Matt; pulling this all together!
    New Member
    Posts: New Member

    30 Mar 2011 05:56 PM
    Great job arranging for the show Matt, it was a complete success!! All the hard work and long hours behind the scenes often go un-noticed but believe me we do appreciate it.
    It was sure a good time and some mighty fine Rugers were both displayed and bought & sold. Congrads to all the winners, it is an honor especially among such high competition. Already looking forward to next year!!
    FT44/aka Bill
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