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Last Post 01 Jan 1900 12:00 AM by  Anonymous
Possibly a one of a kind 45 colt redhawk
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17 Aug 2013 02:27 PM
    I finally got the replacement for my de-barreled redhawk today, after a 9 month wait, more or less.

    Story here:

    It was apparently un-repairable so they sent me a new one.

    It has some pretty unique features, starting with a current production serial number, on a discontinued model.

    It's a 4.20 barrel but it doesn't have the flat top the 4 inch usually has. Rather it has a raised boss the site sits on like the longer ones.
    Ruger Redhawk on the left side under the cylinder, without the little trademark stamps.
    ""45 colt"" is stamped on the extractor housing instead of the barrel centerline.

    No stamp on the left side. ""read instruction manual"" etc. but a partial one underneath the barrel. They left off the middle line that says Ruger.

    The front of the extractor housing appears to have a different angle than usual.

    The finish buff of the stainless is very rough, as if they didn't hit the fine very hard or very long maybe.

    Cylinder throats are .452
    Barrel at throat is .452
    Barrel is .4498 give or take a very small amount. (Old micrometer)

    Still has machining oil in all the nooks and crannies with a fair amount of metallic(?) residue.

    The cylinder latch is a little loose. :(

    One shot fired through it by Ruger.

    I'm a happy camper, except for the cylinder latch.
    I notice the website no longer says ""discontinued,"" though there are still none available.

    I've been looking for one of these for 4-5 years, mainly for the advantage over my blackhawk of quick reloads. This particular one seems to me, should be somebody's safe queen and not subjected to the daily abuse my carry is in the woods.

    What do you guys think? Is this specimen worth preserving pristine or can I just put it to work?

    in Maine
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