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Last Post 01 Jan 1900 12:00 AM by  Anonymous
7-1/2 inch flattop .44 magnum
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Alice Cooper
New Member
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22 Feb 2013 05:08 AM
    ok gents,here goes...just stumbled on this site,seems like the place to ask a question. first, i'm 60 years old, and bought my first ruger .357 om. when I was 18 for 75 bucks,still have it and still shoot it.I got laid off two days after my 60th birthday, so i'm financially embarrassed.that being said, I strolled in to a local pawn shop last week, and there was a really nice ruger there for 500 bucks. something told me to run home and see what guns I absolutely hated and try to sell them.well, a stainless t.c. contender with two barrels and a burris scope, plus a pinned barrel s&w 63 went to the local sports store and I took the money and ran back for the ruger. turns out it is a flattop,.44 magnum with walnut grips and a 7-1/2 inch barrel,serial no.17067. from my research, it may be a bit rarer than other flattops.no, it has not been converted.never will.how did i come out? i never could like the t.c, tried for 20 years, never did...and the model 63 had a barrel that came out of the frame with a list to the right.infact, out of three smiths, two new in box,two had barrels pointing cockeyed! i'll NEVER buy another smith-anything.I told you I was 60, I seem to ramble a lot...sorry...
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